Annual Enrollment Period for 2024
Step 1: Our Quick and Easy Review Form

Important: If you like your current plan and want to keep it for next year, you are not required to do a review. Your current insurance coverage will automatically renew for next year unless you tell us to change it — please please please for our records send us a quick email requesting: No review for this year please — I want my current coverage to renew for next year. 

Either email [email protected] or [email protected] and we will note your file and you will officially be done with Annual Enrollment. 

If you want a review please complete Step 1 below.

PLEASE NOTE: We typically receive 1000+ requests.  We work through those very quickly but it typically takes us the first few weeks of October to “catch up.”  Submitting the form closer to Halloween will give you a quicker turnaround on your request.  Forms submitted after Thanksgiving are a little late and we can not guarantee that we will be able to review such late submissions by the December 7 deadline — please don’t make me stay up all night. 😉  Any review requests submitted between now and the first week of November are fine.  Thank you — Jason and Heather